Housing for older and vulnerable people

Supporting detail:

Local councils’ housing support

Supporting people services (also known as housing related support services) are run through 152 top-tier local authorities to help vulnerable people to live more independently and prevent crises in their lives. They decide where to spend the money to best meet local needs and the services are mostly delivered by the voluntary and community sector, and housing associations.

Supporting people services help a wide range of people and include groups such as older people, homeless, rough sleepers, young people leaving care, people with disabilities, teenage parents, ex-offenders, people with drug and alcohol problems and women at risk of domestic violence.


Over the Spending Review Period (2011 to 2015 ) funding totals of £6.5 billion was secured for supporting people services and from 2011 to 2012 funding for these services formed part of the wider settlement to local councils.

Improving services to older and vulnerable people

We have been looking at ways of helping local authorities to deliver services more innovatively, and consider value for money, for example by testing Payment by Results through a series of local pilots, and developing more personalised services.

As part of this we have supported 8 locally-developed Payment by Results pilots. The pilots have been running since summer 2011, and the results from the final evaluation will be available later in 2014. The learning from interim reports has been shared with, amongst others, local authorities and the housing support sector.

We have also worked with several councils and other partners to explore the personalisation of supporting people services - providing people with greater control over the support they receive to best suit their lives, needs and aspirations. This has included supporting a sector-led working group who have produced a series of tools and resources.