Violence against women and girls

Supporting detail:

'This is abuse' campaign

The most recent phase of the This is Abuse campaign ran from December 2013 until April 2014. The campaign is aimed at 13- to 18-year-old boys and girls and encourages teens to rethink their views of violence, abuse, controlling behaviour and sexual abuse and what consent means within their relationships.

The latest phase of the ‘This is abuse’ campaign started on 13 March 2014 and helps teenage boys to understand what constitutes abusive behaviours in relationships. We have worked with YouTube stars, Mandem on the Wall, Charlie McDonnell, Jamal Edwards of SBTV and Twist and Pulse, who have all produced new video blogs (know as vlogs) where they discuss issues such as consent, sexting and controlling behaviour.

The campaign also included a TV advertising campaign with ‘Hollyoaks’, the ‘call it out’ campaign with MTV, and a run of radio advertisements on Kiss FM.

All campaign activity encouraged teenagers to visit the campaign website www.thisisabuse.co.uk, which provides support and advice, as well as moderated forums where teens can discuss the issues with their peers.

Resources are available to support local campaigns; these include a discussion guide to help in conversations with young people on abuse within their relationships.

Partners can email VAWGcampaigns@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk to request a copy of the campaign brief, which contains further information and details on how to order materials.