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The Low Pay Commission (LPC) is an independent body that advises the government about the National Minimum Wage.

We submit a report to the government each February making recommendations on the future level of the minimum wage, and related matters.

Who we are

There are 9 Low Pay Commissioners drawn from a range of employee, employer and academic backgrounds:

All the commissioners serve in an individual capacity. They are supported by a secretariat, which has 8 members of staff and is based in London. Details of the names and job titles of secretariat staff members can be found in the organogram


We are responsible for:

  • carrying out extensive research and consultation, and commissioning research projects
  • analysing relevant data and actively encouraging the Office of National Statistics to establish better estimates of the incidence of low pay
  • carrying out surveys of firms in low-paying sectors
  • consulting with employers, workers and their representatives and taking written and oral evidence from a wide range of organisations
  • making fact-finding visits throughout the UK to meet employers, employees and representative organisations


Our business plan includes details of our milestones for 2014 to 2015.

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