Statistics at HMRC

National Statistics and official statistics publications of HM Revenue and Customs, produced in line with the code of practice for official statistics.

These statistics cover HMRC’s main work from collecting tax to paying out personal tax credit and Child Benefit. The main taxes and duties are Income Tax, National Insurance, VAT and Corporate Tax.

There are around 100 annually produced statistical products which are based on a few core themes for which these statistics fall under.

Official statistics are defined in section 6 of the Statistics and Registration Service Act 2007. Only those statistics that are assessed as compliant with the code of practice for official statistics will be designated as ‘National Statistics’ and are marked with the National Statistics quality kite mark.

Publications in the tax expenditures, ready reckoners, tax credits, Child Benefit, (take up rates), (error and fraud), and (small area data) child poverty, Child Trust Fund, PAYE (Pay As You Earn) banking sector and tax gaps statistics are outside the scope of National Statistics.

You can also visit HMRC’s statistics on The National Archives website.

Office for Statistics Regulation review of HMRC statistics

HMRC commissioned the Office for Statistics Regulation (OSR) to undertake a review of its analytical and quality assurance processes in relation to official statistics. The OSR published its report, ‘Strengthening the quality of HMRC official statistics’ on 30 April 2020. The report and related correspondence are available on the OSR website.

HMRC welcomes and accepts the findings and recommendations of this review and has written to OSR on how it will progress the recommendations. HMRC will publish an update on the work programme in 2021.


HMRC is currently running a consultation on reduction and consolidation of HMRC statistics publications, which will close on 12 March 2021. We need to prioritise the resource we spend on statistical publications and seek to understand how you use these statistics so that we can prioritise products which are important to our users.

Following a consultation running from 20 October to 23 November 2020, HMRC has decided to cease publication of disaggregated HMRC tax receipts. The final publication of the disaggregation of HMRC tax receipts publication was December 2019.

Forthcoming publications and announcements

Publication dates for HMRC’s statistical outputs are pre-announced on the Statistics release calendar. This includes publications which are designated as National Statistics; these are produced and released in accordance with the Code of Practice for Official Statistics. An annual publication plan can also be found on the announcements page.

As part of the Code of Practice for Official Statistics, any changes to the schedule will be stated and detailed in the announcements page.

Tax receipts and taxpayers

Tax reliefs and ready reckoners

Personal taxes

Income Tax and personal incomes

Pensions, tax-free savings and investments

Business taxes statistics

Property statistics

Corporate tax statistics

Benefits and Credits statistics

Child and Working Tax Credits statistics

Child Benefit statistics

Tax-Free Childcare statistics

Cross-cutting statistics

UK overseas trade statistics

Statistics that record the movement - for trade purposes - of goods between the UK and both EU and non-EU countries are hosted on the UK Trade Statistics website.

They are collected from the EU-wide Intrastat survey and from Customs import and export entries, both administered by HMRC.

Quality Reports and Code of Practice Breach Reports

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Official Statistics: Code of Practice

The UK Statistics Authority has published the Code of Practice for Official Statistics.

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) complies with the Code of Practice and supporting principles. Detailed policy statements are given below:

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