Income Tax statistics and distributions

Analysis of estimated Income Tax liabilities statistics.

The Income Tax liability tables in this series provide breakdowns of the number of income taxpayers and Income Tax liabilities by age and gender, marginal tax rate, income source and tax band, and by country and Government Office Region.

You can find all tables for previous years on the National Archives website.

Release schedule

These tables are published twice yearly at schedules dictated by the release of new survey information for taxpayers and the publication of revised forecasts for the UK economy by the Office for Budget Responsibility. The next release of these tables is scheduled for Jan/Feb 2017.

For the exact date of release please refer to the UK Statistics publication hub or refer to the scheduled updates section:

Income tax liabilities - historical tables

  1. Table 2.1a Number of taxpayers and income tax liabilities: tax year 1978 to 1979, to tax year 1991 to 1992

    • National Statistics
  2. Table 2.2a Number of income tax payers, by country

    • National Statistics
  3. Table 2.5a Income tax liabilities by income range

    • National Statistics
  4. Table 2.6a Income tax liabilities by taxpayer's marginal rate

    • National Statistics

Other statistics information

  1. Quality report: income tax liabilities statistics

    • Official Statistics