Personal incomes statistics

Summary information about individuals who are UK taxpayers, their income and the Income Tax to which they are liable.

The personal incomes statistics release and national statistics tables 3.1 to 3.15a are derived from the annual Survey of Personal Incomes (SPI).

More information about the survey can be found in the statistical release.

Income Tax liabilities and receipts

HMRC also produce statistics on both Income Tax liabilities and receipts. If you require statistics about how much tax is actually paid and collected by HMRC in any given year, or information on how tax is collected, then you should look at statistics on Income Tax receipts.

If you require detailed breakdowns of income taxpayer numbers and the distribution of tax liabilities across taxpayers and tax bands, then you should look at statistics on tax liabilities.

Publication and revision strategy

These statistics are published annually, usually in December/January. Release dates will be announced on the UK Statistics Hub and the HMRC national statistics release schedule. Any delays to the publication date will be announced on the HMRC national statistics website.

User engagement

HMRC is committed to providing impartial quality statistics that meet user needs. HMRC encourages users to engage with them so they can improve the official statistics and identify gaps in the statistics that are produced. If you would like to provide feedback on these statistics, please participate in the user survey below or register your interest by completing the HMRC official statistics user engagement form. Alternatively, contact the relevant statistician whose details are provided below.

Survey of personal income bulletins

You can find survey of personal income bulletins on the National Archives website.

Personal income by tax year

Individual tables of personal income by tax year are located here.

Contact details

Jeremy Reuben and Claire Price


Other statistics information

  1. Quality report: personal incomes statistics release 2010 to 2011

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