Procurement at DfE

Bidding for Department for Education contracts.

Latest contracting opportunities

We, and our executive agencies, advertise new contracting opportunities in the following places, where appropriate:

Forthcoming opportunities

We use a variety of means to notify suppliers of future opportunities, including:

DUNS numbers

‘DUNS numbers’ provide us with valuable information about which suppliers are bidding for our contracts. We encourage interested suppliers to register with Duns numbers.

Prompt payment policy

We follow government policy and pay all correctly submitted invoices within 10 days of receiving them at the physical or electronic address that we’ve specified.


Redimo2 is the e-procurement system for the Department for Education (DfE) and its executive agencies. It’s a password-protected online service.

As a potential supplier you should register with Redimo2 so that you can:

  • view opportunities to tender
  • submit tender responses
  • access the Educational and Children’s Social Care Professionals Dynamic Purchasing System (ECSC DPS)

Registering for Redimo2

Read our Guidance on registering for Redimo2 (PDF, 5.13MB, 18 pages) . This includes details of the process you’ll need to follow in order to set up your account.

For help with Redimo2, email the commercial contact point team.

Commercial contact point team

Educational and Children’s Social Care Professionals Dynamic Purchasing System

We use the ECSC DPS to buy professional, educational and children’s social care services to support government policy in schools and local authorities. The DPS is run via Redimo2.

Terms and conditions for using the ECSC DPS

If you wish to join the ECSC DPS and be eligible for contracts, you must:

  • register your interest on Redimo2
  • have knowledge of and experience in early years, schools or children’s services
  • be able to show that you have 1 or more of the ECSC skill sets, which we describe in the ECSC handbook
  • read and accept the membership of ECSC framework terms and conditions
  • read and accept the supply of services by ECSC professionals terms and conditions
  • confirm none of the criteria for mandatory exclusion apply
  • confirm you are compliant with IR35 tax legislation

See the ECSC Contracts Finder notice for the following documents with additional information:

  • invitation to participate
  • applying for ECSC membership
  • tendering in Redimo2
  • ECSC handbook (including daily rates and skill set descriptions)
  • terms and conditions for call-off
  • DPS agreement
  • mandatory exclusion criteria

You can find more information on how we evaluate tenders in our Guide to the request for quotation, submission and evaluation process (PDF, 258KB, 8 pages) .

Data handling and security

If you handle data, you must make sure that you comply with our departmental security procedures. There are different schedules you must follow based on the amount of data you manage:

The basic schedule applies where the department needs to share data with the supplier. The enhanced schedule is for suppliers handling particularly sensitive data. We will tell you which schedule you need to follow when we invite tenders.

Standard terms and conditions for DfE contracts

If you would like to know which terms and conditions apply when bidding for a particular DfE contract, contact the person named in the advertisement and tender documentation.

Due to the complexity of many of our requirements, we compile contract terms and conditions on a case-by-case basis. However, we base most on the following standard terms and conditions:

Purchase orders

Our purchase orders (documents that ask a company to supply goods and give details of price, method and date of payment) are subject to our terms and conditions for goods (PDF, 148KB, 8 pages) .

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs)

We’re committed to engaging with SMEs and always treat their tenders and applications fairly in comparison to larger organisations. We’ll continue to encourage and support all collaborative partnerships between SMEs or SMEs and larger organisations.

We also run innovation days where suppliers can meet each other and showcase what they offer. We advertise these on LinkedIn and Twitter.

SMEs can contact the SME mailbox.

SME mailbox

EU and UK procurement law

We must follow EU Treaty, EU Procurement Directive (EU rules) and UK laws that govern how we may buy goods, services and works over a specified value or ‘threshold’.

Where we expect the estimated value of a contract to be over the relevant EU threshold, we must advertise our requirements on the Tenders Electronic Daily (TED) website, part of the Official Journal of the European Union.

The current thresholds are published by the Cabinet Office.

How we process your personal data

We are changing the way we process your personal data relating to financial transactions when we interact with you. Our services provider Shared Services Connected Limited (SSCL) may process some of this data offshore. For more information see Personal data processing: fair processing notice.