Research at DfE

Find DfE research publications and invitations to tender for new research projects.

Our social research aims to provide high-quality evidence to inform policy development and delivery.


You can find our research reports published since May 2010 in GOV.UK’s publications section.

Archived publications

Our archived research, published before May 2010, is available from the National Archives website.

Current research

You can find a list of our current research contracts on Contracts Finder.

Invitations to tender for new projects

You must submit an expression of interest (EOI) for us to consider you for an invitation to tender. Please use the expression of interest form (ODT, 29.7KB) .

To express an interest you must first register with us and will need your ID number.

To register, please complete the supplier registration form.

We let all contracts on the basis of our terms and conditions. We encourage you to read the EOI guide before submitting your EOI. There is also a style guide and template for contractors writing research publications.

Submission of an EOI does not guarantee an invitation to tender, and we do not routinely advise organisations that they have not been successful. However, we will provide feedback if you request it.

Calls for expressions of interest

Project 2017/015: Children and young people’s mental health research and evaluation programme

We invite EOIs for project Children and young people’s mental health research and evaluation programme (PDF, 282KB, 12 pages) . The deadline for EOIs is 5pm on Friday 24 March 2017 .

Project 2017/15: bidder questions (PDF, 123KB, 3 pages) includes responses to queries sent up to 16 March 2017.

Submit any further queries about this EOI (not relating to the procurement process) by midday on Tuesday 21 March 2017.

EOI ID number and general enquiries

If you have a query about your EOI ID number, please email us at:

For all other enquiries about our research, please contact us.

Analytical associate pool

The analytical associate pool is a group of independent academics and researchers that we can commission at short notice to provide services such as:

  • a small-scale data analysis
  • a rapid literature review (an overview of published research)
  • primary research (research of new data)
  • a peer review (an evaluation of new research)
  • quality assurance (a quality check)
  • expert advice
  • training

The pool is open to new members. If you’re interested in joining, please fill in the analytical associate pool application form. We aim to reply to you within 3 weeks of your application.

For more information on the pool and on how to complete the application form, read our guide to joining the analytic associate pool (PDF, 333KB, 8 pages) .

If you have any queries, please email: