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What we do

We handle cases relating to the insolvency of companies, including:

  • petitions to wind up a company
  • applications to unfreeze bank accounts or challenge a winding up petition
  • applications to restore a company to the register after it has been struck off

We also handle a number of other cases concerning companies, including:

  • applications for approval of a reduction in share capital or share premium
  • registration of charges after the time limit
  • appeals against a decision by a liquidator to reject a proof of debt in an insolvency
  • applications by either the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills or the Official Receiver to disqualify a director (and applications to act as one following disqualification)

Who we are

We are a specialist court within the Chancery Division of the High Court of Justice.

We are based at the Rolls Building in London and also at district registries across England and Wales. Cases at the Rolls Building are heard by one of 5 registrars and cases at district registries are heard by district judges.

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