About us

We encourage fair and efficient arrangements in the workplace by resolving collective disputes in England, Scotland and Wales, either by voluntary agreement or, if necessary, through a legal decision.

Who we are

We’re an independent body with statutory powers. The committee has 40 members, including the chairman, 7 deputy chairmen, 14 members experienced as representatives of workers and 18 experienced as representatives of employers. We’re supported by a team of 8 based in London.


Chief Executive

James Jacob

Operations Manager

Maverlie Tavares

Case Managers

Nigel Cookson

Sharmin Khan

Linda Lehan

Kate Norgate

Finance Supervisor & Assistant Case Manager

Laura Leaumont

Finance & Case Support Officer

Emma Bentley

Our responsibilities

We’re responsible for the following areas of dispute:

  • the statutory recognition of trade unions
  • the disclosure of information for collective bargaining
  • applications and complaints related to information and consultation arrangements
  • establishing and operating european works councils
  • complaints about the level of involvement employees have in certain decisions covered by regulations related to European companies, cooperative societies and cross-border mergers

We also offer voluntary arbitration in collective disputes.