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Welsh language services available at Companies House

We offer a Welsh language service for all our customers who want to communicate with us in Welsh.

A person in a suit holding a little welsh flag.

At Companies House, we’re committed to making sure that our customers can communicate with us in Welsh if they choose to do so.

We offer a Welsh service so our customers can talk to us or email us in Welsh, and any company registered in Wales can sign up for this service. If you’ve contacted us in Welsh, we’ll always reply in Welsh.

We also post Welsh content on our social media channels, including videos with Welsh subtitles on YouTube. You can ask us a question in Welsh on all our social media channels. Again, we’ll always reply to you in Welsh.

You can incorporate a company in Welsh, and you can do this online. We’ll also send you a bilingual certificate of incorporation. You can also file your accounts online in Welsh.

If you need to send us a paper form or file your accounts on paper, you can do this in Welsh. All of our most common filings are available as bilingual forms.

We’re also looking for new members to join our user panel, and we would welcome applications from Welsh speakers. Our user panel helps us to understand how our customers use our digital services, and we want to make sure we’ve got a broad range of users who are willing to give feedback on their experiences with our Welsh language services.

Find out more about our Welsh service at Companies House.

If you’d like to send us feedback, please email

Published 18 February 2020