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Veterinary Medicine Supply Problem: Isoflurane

Update 14 January: Products available for import under the Special Import Scheme whilst there are supply problems with isoflurane-containing veterinary medicines in the UK.


Due to ongoing UK supply problems with isoflurane-containing products, the VMD has recently assessed the following products for import under the Special Import Scheme:

  • Iso - Vet 1000 mg/g Inhalation Vapour, liquid (Piramal Critical Care Limited) from Ireland
  • Isofluran CP 1ml/ml (CP-Pharma) from Germany
  • IsoFlo Vet 100% (Zoetis) from Germany
  • IsoFlo 100% w/w vloeistof voor inhalatiedamp (Abbott Laboratories) from Germany
  • Isofluran Baxter (Baxter Deutschland) from Germany
  • Isoflutek 1000mg/g liquid para inhalacion del vapor (Laboratoris Karizoo SA) from Spain
  • Isoflo vapor liquid inhalant (Ecuphar) from Spain
  • Isoflurin 100% (VetPharma Animal Health S.L.) from Spain
  • Aerrane liquid for inhalation (Baxter S.p.A) from Italy
  • IsoFlo 100% p/p vapore per inalazione, liquid (Zoetis) from Italy
  • IsoFlo 100% tekutina k príprave inhalace parou (zoetis ceska republika) from Czech Republic
  • Isoflutek 1000mg/g (Laboratoris Karizoo S.A) from Netherlands
  • IsoFlo 100% w /w liquid for inhalation vapour (Zoetis B.V.) from the Netherlands
  • ISO-VET (Dechra Vet Products) from the Netherlands
  • Isovet 1000 mg / g Vapour, liquid (Chanelle Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Ltd) from Portugal
  • IsoFlo Vet 100% (Zoetis) from Denmark
  • Isoflurin (France) (AXIENCE S.A.S.) from France.
  • Anesteran Liquid (Rompharm Company S R L) from Romania
  • Isoflurane USP (Piramal Enterprises Limited) from the USA
  • Isoflurane USP 250ml (Akorn Inc) from the USA
  • Isotroy (isoflurane IP) 250ml (Troikaa Pharmaceuticals Ltd) from India
  • Isoflurane USP liquid for inhalation (Piramal Enterprises Limited) from India
  • Attane (Bayer New Zealand Limited) from New Zealand
  • Isoflurane Vet (Piramal Enterprises Limited) from New Zealand
  • Isofor Inhalational Anaesthetic (Piramal Enterprises Ltd) from South Africa

Veterinary surgeons can apply online for an import certificate for these products, or alternative products from outside the UK, via the VMD’s special imports online application system

Please be aware that although an import certificate may be granted, veterinary surgeons should check with a Wholesale Dealer or the Marketing Authorisation Holder in the product’s country of origin to determine availability.

Veterinary surgeons are reminded that every effort should be made to first obtain a UK authorised product, prior to utilising a product under the Prescribing Cascade.

The following shortages of isoflurane-containing products have been reported to the VMD directly by the Marketing Authorisation Holder (MAH):

  • IsoFlo100% w/w Inhalation Vapour, liquid (Vm: 42058/4195) – due to a manufacturing problem with the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API), Zoetis is out of stock of IsoFlo. Supply is estimated to return in February 2019.
  • Vetflurane 1000mg/g inhalation vapour, liquid (Vm: 05653/4166) – due to a high demand for isoflurane products, Virbac is out of stock of Vetflurane. Supply is estimated to return in March 2019.
  • Isocare 1000 mg/g Inhalation Vapour, Liquid (Vm: 10347/4036) – due to a manufacturing problem with the API, Animalcare is out stock of Isocare. Supply is estimated to return in February/March 2019.

For details of the supply situation for individual UK authorised products, please contact the Marketing Authorisation Holder.

Published 10 December 2018
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