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Update on transfer of work and the use of CRM14 eForms in magistrates’ courts

Full roll out on criminal legal aid processing.


Providers in the Midlands HMCTS area will be given the option of using the CRM14 eForm from 6 October 2014. This is when the Legal Aid Agency (LAA) assumes responsibility for processing criminal legal aid applications in that area.

Providers have been given access to the CRM14 eForm at the following magistrates’ courts:

  • Central and South West Staffordshire (Cannock/Stafford) magistrates’ courts
  • Northampton magistrates’ court
  • North Staffordshire (Newcastle-under-Lyme) magistrates’ court
  • Worcester magistrates’ court
  • Hereford magistrates’ court
  • Lincoln magistrates’ court
  • Kidderminster magistrates’ court
  • Redditch (Bromsgrove) magistrates’ court
  • Shropshire (Telford/Shrewsbury) magistrates’ court
  • South East Staffordshire (Burton) magistrates’ court
  • Boston magistrates’ court
  • Loughborough magistrates’ court
  • Wellingborough magistrates’ court
  • Leicester magistrates’ court
  • Corby magistrates’ court
  • Grantham magistrates’ court
  • Hinckley magistrates’ court
  • Kettering magistrates’ court
  • Skegness magistrates’ court

The rest of the Midlands will move across to the LAA on 6 October as part of the national rollout programme which will continue until next year. By June 2015 the LAA will be responsible for processing work across the whole of England and Wales.

What next?

The schedule for the full national roll out is currently:

  • 3 November 2014 – London (North, East and West)
  • 24 November 2014 - London (Central and South)
  • February 2015 – South East
  • March 2015 – South West
  • April 2015 – Wales
  • May 2015 – North East
  • June 2015 – rest of North West

The Crime Change Programme and Contract Management teams will provide a programme of communications and engagement events in each area.

Online support

If any providers experience issues with the eForm portal, please contact our colleagues in online support:

Telephone: 0203 334 6664


Further information

Simplifying criminal legal aid processing

Published 6 October 2014