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Syria: Minister for Middle East meets Chairman of White Helmets

The Minister for the Middle East Dr Andrew Murrison met the Chairman of the White Helmets today to discuss the situation in Idlib, Syria.


Dr Murrison said:

I had a valuable meeting with Chairman of the White Helmets, Mr al-Saleh today to discuss the situation on the ground in Idlib.

White Helmet volunteers continue to be subjected to a massive disinformation campaign by the Syrian regime and the Russian government. These deceitful tactics are a brazen attempt to divert attention from the barrage of appalling attacks against the Syrian people, which has included the use of chemical weapons.

I thanked Mr al-Saleh for the lifesaving service that the White Helmets provide to thousands of ordinary Syrians and reiterated the UK’s unwavering support.

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Published 5 November 2019