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Removal of the address from the Driver tachograph card

To reduce unnecessary red tape Driver tachograph cards issued from early December 2013, will no longer display an address.

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DVLA is improving the process for commercial drivers who need to change the address on their driving licence and driver tachograph card. From early December 2013, if you move home and need to change the address on your driving licence your tachograph card record will update automatically.

The government is committed to getting rid of unnecessary red tape by removing the address from the driver tachograph card to make things easier for commercial drivers.

Roads Minister Robert Goodwill said:

The government is determined to cut red tape and make lorry drivers’ lives easier.

Removing the address from the tachograph card is a great example of this – it saves drivers time and it drives down costs.

What the changes will mean to you

If you have a driver tachograph card showing your address:

  • you can carry on using your existing card as it will still be valid until its expiry date - you don’t have to change to an ‘address-free’ card straight away
  • you’ll still need to apply as normal to change your name and/or address, or to renew or replace your card

From early December 2013, any cards issued by DVLA will be a new card without an address.

Once you have an address-free card:

  • you’ll still need to tell us about changes to your name and/or address, or to renew or replace your driver tachograph card
  • you won’t need to make a separate application to update your driver tachograph card or need to return your card to us

Non-GB licence holders still need to tell the DVLA about a change of address by filling in a D777B application form, so that the tachograph record can be kept up to date.

Published 19 November 2013