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Public Health England launches Clinical Excellence Awards 2014

The application process for the employer based award commences on 6 October 2014 and runs until 9 November 2014.


The Advisory Committee on Clinical Excellence Awards (ACCEA) launched the 2014 round of National Clinical Excellence Awards (CEAs) on 16 June 2014. Applications submitted by the deadline of 14 August 2014 are currently being considered and we are awaiting its results.

PHE is launching the employer based Clinical Excellence Award (EBA) process which commences on 6 October 2014.

Word versions of the application form (form A) is attached below along with the ACCEA guide and other related forms. Please note the guide relates to the 2012 round and therefore, ignore the dates and years given. The PHE internal policy is also attached and should be read in conjunction with the ACCEA guide before you begin your application.

The employer statement (which is already part of the application) is necessary. Complete the application form and forward this along with the guide to your line manager for completion of the employer statement. Guidance for completing the employer statement is given in part 5, page 24 of the ACCEA guidance.

The employer statement (assessment by domain) should be completed by your line manager and submitted back to you with your application form. It is the applicant’s responsibility to submit the employer statement along with the completed application to the email address below before the deadline.

For clarification, an academic applying for EBA applies through the NHS organisation at which they hold their honorary contract. For public health academics, PHE is the ‘NHS’ employer. In the past, and in current ACCEA guidance, it has been and is the ‘NHS’ employer that provides the employers statement. However, not all academics have a ‘manager’ in PHE yet that would be able to provide this and as we are still a fairly new organisation, we are not entirely familiar with all the academics work. Therefore, we are asking that the employer’s statement is provided by management at the university. For local authority staff applying for EBA through PHE, the employer’s statement should be completed by the line manager at the local authority.

Application forms will be considered over 5 weeks and the results will be released in the week commencing 22 December 2014.

All applications, fully completed including your employers statement, must be submitted to by 9 November 2014. Late applications will not be accepted

For further information, contact Shirley Cruz, CEA Project Officer at or on 07766 248 568.

Published 6 October 2014