Press release

Press briefing: morning 6 September 2013

The Prime Minister’s spokesperson (PMS) answered questions on Russia, Universal Credit, the BBC, the EU, data security and party funding.

This was published under the 2010 to 2015 Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government



Asked about Britain’s relationship with Russia, the PMS said that the UK engaged with a number of international partners and it was no secret that there had been a difference in approach regarding the situation in Syria. The government would continue working with all partners to find a solution. The PM had met with President Putin the previous night at the G20 summit, and it was right to have robust but constructive conversations about Syria. Russia had an important role to play in the international community as a member of the G20 and United Nations (UN) security council. Asked about Tony Blair’s views, the PMS said that Tony Blair’s views were his own.

Universal Credit

Asked whether the PM believed Universal Credit would be rolled out by 2017, the Prime Minister’s spokesperson (PMS) said that the PM believed it would be introduced to the proposed timetable, which was 2017.


Asked for the PM’s view on BBC severance pay and allegations of people misleading parliament, the PMS said that it was understandable that parliament wanted to scrutinise the issue and that process should go forward. The BBC itself had said some payments were not right and it was clearly very important that license fee payers felt they were getting value for money.

European Union

Asked whether the PM agreed with the view that leaving the European Union (EU) would present the UK with new opportunities, the PMS said that the PM’s view on the EU had been clearly set out in a speech some months ago. His view had not changed.

Data security

Asked whether the PM was concerned that banking and medical data was not secure because encryption codes were easily cracked by security services, the PMS said that he did not comment on security issues.

Party funding

Asked for the PM’s view on taxpayer funding for political parties, the PMS said that the PM did not think taxpayers should be bailing out politicians.

Published 9 September 2013