Press release

PM call with Chancellor Merkel: 13 September 2016

Theresa May spoke with German Chancellor Angela Merkel about the meeting of EU member states in Bratislava and the EU-Turkey migration deal.


A Downing St spokesperson said:

Chancellor Merkel called the Prime Minister earlier today to update her on plans for the meeting of 27 EU member states in Bratislava on Friday. The Chancellor said that the meeting would be an informal discussion on the future of the EU, and would not be about the UK’s future relationship with the EU. No decisions would be taken and there would be no formal conclusions coming out of the meeting.

The Prime Minister and the Chancellor discussed the EU-Turkey migration deal, and the importance of it being fully implemented as quickly as possible. The Prime Minister reconfirmed the UK’s commitment to the deal, both politically and in terms of practical assistance.

On trade, the Prime Minister reiterated that we would continue to support EU free trade negotiations, including TTIP, while we remained full members of the EU.

Published 13 September 2016