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PHE announces plans for National Framework for HIV, Sexual and Reproductive Health Service Commissioning

PHE to develop a national framework for HIV, sexual and reproductive health service commissioning, with NHS England, LGA, ADPH and MEDFASH.


This week, Public Health England (PHE) announced significant new plans to develop a national framework for HIV, sexual and reproductive health service commissioning in England. Working together with the Local Government Association and NHS England, the initiative underpins PHE’s commitment to improving sexual and reproductive health, reducing sexually transmitted infections and securing best outcomes for people with HIV.

Commissioning responsibilities for HIV, sexual and reproductive health have undergone major changes over the last year, now shared between NHS England, Local Authorities and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs). These changes bring both new opportunities and new challenges.

Announcing plans for the national framework, Professor Jane Anderson, Public Health England, said:

In this new landscape, meticulous partnership working will be required to develop and maintain high quality services, delivered via seamless, integrated care pathways.

This framework will help bring together all those involved in commissioning HIV, sexual and reproductive health services to deliver a whole system approach, which is flexible and adaptable, and meets the needs of local populations.

The framework will also identify innovative practices that improve sexual and reproductive health outcomes in a holistic way. We are delighted to be working with our national partners on this project.

The final framework, scheduled to be available in early summer 2014, will:

  • describe working relationships between local government, NHS England and CCGs

  • provide the evidence base for a whole system approach

  • illustrate models of existing and emerging practice to deliver best outcomes

  • demonstrate new ways of working to support continued modernisation and integration

  • produce relevant and practical tools

The work is being supported by NHS England, Local Government Association, Association of Directors of Public Health and Department of Health, and MEDFASH has been appointed by PHE as project delivery agent.

Note to editors

  • More information on this project can be found from the PHE website.

  • Public Health England’s mission is to protect and improve the nation’s health and to address inequalities through working with national and local government, the NHS, industry and the voluntary and community sector. PHE is an operationally autonomous executive agency of the Department of Health. Follow us on Twitter @PHE_uk

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Published 28 January 2014