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NHS leaders set out road map for healthcare in England

The 'NHS Five-Year Forward View' outlines the vision of an NHS which can deliver better care and a better experience for patients.

The NHS Forward View describes new models for how care could be provided in future.
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Leaders of the NHS in England have today set out why the NHS needs to change, the actions they will take to deliver transformed care for patients and the help they need from others.

The ‘NHS Five-Year Forward View’ describes the choices facing the country, arguing that unless we take decisive action now, in 5 years’ time we will face a growing health and care quality gap.

It also sets out new models for how care could be provided in future.

The Forward View has been produced by NHS England, Public Heath England, Monitor, the NHS Trust Development Authority, Care Quality Commission and Health Education England, advised by patient groups, clinicians and independent experts.

Dr David Bennett, Chief Executive of Monitor, said:

If we get the investment we need, permission to make the changes we need, and a limited amount of adjustment in funding, we see no reason at all why it is not possible to sustain a comprehensive, tax-funded NHS that is better for patients and truly fit for the 21st Century.

Published 23 October 2014