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Portal update: Request Historic Copies (HC1) online

Business customers can now request historic copies of title registers and title plans online.

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Following customer feedback, business customers can now apply for historic copies, which are previous editions of a title register or title plan, via the portal, our online channel for transactions. Customers apply for these with application form HC1.

The fee for lodging a request for an HC1 via the portal varies depends on which document(s) the customer requires. A historic copy of a title:

  • register is £3
  • plan is £7
  • register and title plan in the same application is £7.

Please check our fee information as the fees quoted here are accurate on 11 September 2017 and may change over time.

We classify a request for a historic copy of a register as a preliminary application. Customers use preliminary applications to find information that they often need before they send us an application to update the register. The addition of this new service enables customers to lodge every type of preliminary application online, an important step in our digital transformation.

Find out how to make an HC1 application in our latest user guide.

Published 11 September 2017