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New controls for managing email correspondence

Organisations that use our portal will have more control over how they manage the email correspondence we send, from 3 April.


Since 13 March, customers who have sent us a registration application online via the HM Land Registry portal, our online transactional channel, have received correspondence related to that application by email.

Typically, we send correspondence to the email address associated with each individual’s portal ID, but we understand different customers have different needs so we gave:

  • individuals the ability to specify a different email address on an application-by-application basis
  • Business Unit Administrators (BUAs – portal administrators who can create and update users) an option to assign a single correspondence email address for all portal users within their organisation.

BUAs told us they would like additional controls, which we are adding on 3 April.

From 3 April, BUAs will be able to:

  • control whether their users can choose an alternative to the collective email address (when defined). This will help organisations ensure any requisitions or other correspondence reaches the most appropriate address
  • set different collective email addresses for different groups of users within their organisation.

BUAs can find out how to make these changes in our portal guide: update group.

Published 31 March 2017