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Jennifer Smith and Jackline Wahba reappointed to the MAC

Professor Jackline Wahba and Dr. Jennifer Smith have been reappointed to the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) for a further 2 years, from 15 November 2018.


The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) is a non-departmental public body that provides transparent, independent and evidence-based advice to the government on migration issues.

This includes:

  • the impacts of immigration
  • the limits on immigration under the points-based system
  • skill shortages within occupations

Professor Alan Manning the Chair of the Migration Advisory Committee, said:

I am delighted that Jennifer and Jackline have been reappointed to the committee and that we continue to benefit from the wealth of experience and expertise that they bring.


Professor Jackline Wahba

Jackline Wahba is a Professor of Economics at the University of Southampton, where she leads migration research at the ESRC Centre for Population Change.

She has advised national governments and international organisations, including:

  • the World Bank
  • the Organisation for Economic Development and Co-operation
  • the International Labour Organisation
  • the International Organisation for Migration
  • the European Training Foundation
  • the European Commission

Dr. Jennifer Smith

Dr. Jennifer C Smith is an Associate Professor in the Economics department at Warwick University and an associate researcher at the Centre for Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy (CAGE).

Her previous roles include:

  • academic consultant at the Bank of England - on a project assessing wage rigidity in the UK
  • economist at the Bank of England
  • lecturer at Queen’s University Canada
Published 19 December 2018