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Innovate UK welcomes extension of funding for Newton Fund

The UK's innovation experts welcome the news that the funding for international Newton Fund for innovation has been extended to 2021

Dr Ruth McKernan
Innovate UK's Chief Executive Dr Ruth McKernan

Welcoming the news that the international Newton Fund for innovation will be extended to 2021, Chief Executive of Innovate UK Dr Ruth McKernan said:

Business-led innovation is vital to tackling some of the biggest challenges that society faces today and as the UK’s innovation experts, we know that collaboration is often the key that’s needed to crack those problems. The Newton fund takes those vital collaborations to an international level, and the news that funding has been extended to 2021 will be welcomed by businesses across the UK as well as the 15 partner nations.

That is why Innovate UK is relentless in using its insight into business to fund and connect innovative businesses in the UK, and why we are a main delivery partner in the Newton Fund so that development and the benefits of innovation are promoted across the world.

Find out more about the Newton Fund by following this link

Published 5 August 2016