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Immigration minister visits Heathrow Airport

Immigration Minister Brandon Lewis gets to grip with Border Force operations during a visit to Heathrow Airport on Tuesday 20 June.

Immigration Minister Brandon Lewis visits Heathrow Airport

The minister, who was appointed to his new post following the recent general election, was met and briefed by Border Force Director General Sir Charles Montgomery on the crucial part officers play in protecting the UK border.

He also witnessed the Heathrow Joint Border Force policing team conducting tarmac work, which included an aircraft being searched, and was given an overview of arrivals controls including e-gates.

He also observed roving officers with responsibility for safeguarding and modern slavery, as well as officers trained in forgery and impostor detections.

The visit concluded with a demonstration of detection activity in the customs channels, including x-ray scanning equipment for drug swallowers and witnessing detector dogs at work.

Immigration Minister Brandon Lewis

Immigration Minister Brandon Lewis said:

Seeing frontline Border Force officers in action at Heathrow showed me what an important job they do in keeping our country safe and secure from illicit people and goods.

I am also very grateful to Sir Charles and other officers for sharing their invaluable expertise with me. This was an extremely interesting visit which gave me an insight into the tremendous variety of work which goes on at Heathrow.

I am excited to be taking on the immigration and borders brief for the Home Office and look forward to working with staff to achieve our goals together.

The minister also met Heathrow Chief Executive John Holland-Kaye during the visit.

Published 22 June 2017