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Health protection content now on GOV.UK

PHE’s health protection resources have been brought together on the single website for government information.


PHE has moved health protection content from the Health Protection Agency (HPA) website and PHE’s health protection committees to GOV.UK. GOV.UK makes it simpler, clearer and faster to find this information.

Information is now on GOV.UK about:

You don’t need to do anything or worry about information being lost. Your favourites, bookmarks and saved links will still take you to the information you’re looking for. You’ll automatically be redirected to our revised content on GOV.UK or to the National Archives, where we have archived copies of the old websites. We are continually adding more guidance and statistics.

Professor John Newton, Chief Knowledge Officer at PHE, said:

PHE provides a wealth of health protection resources that are used worldwide. These have now been revised and made more easily available in a single place. For the first time, the way the information is presented is designed explicitly around what users need. This is a big step forward in PHE’s work to go digital first.

Dr Paul Cosford, Director for Health Protection and Medical Director at PHE, said:

PHE is the source of vital information for public health and medical professionals. By moving many of our outputs to GOV.UK we are making it easier for people to find the information they need, because they no longer have to understand how the relevant agencies are structured in order to find what they need.

PHE will transition the rest of its content to GOV.UK and NHS Choices by 2016. Health information for the public will be presented as part of NHS Choices. This is part of our commitment to go ‘digital first’ in the PHE Business Plan 2014 to 2015.

Find out more about the hundreds of websites moving to GOV.UK.

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Published 2 September 2014