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Government launches its 2015 to 2016 communications plan

The 2015 to 2016 communications plan shows how government will provide a more unified communications profession and better value for money.

Government Communications Plan 2015 to 2016

The government launched the fourth annual Government Communications Plan today, setting out its overall vision for the Government Communication Service (GCS).

The GCS is the professional body for people working in communication roles across government. Government communicators work to support ministers’ priorities, improve people’s lives and enable the effective operation of our public service. Learn more about the Government Communication Service.

The government has already reduced spending on communications by half a billion pounds per year, whilst increasing the effectiveness and capability of government communicators. The new plan outlines how government will build on this by:

  • providing even more streamlined and effective campaigns
  • building stronger partnerships with other organisations to support government campaigns
  • strengthening the skills of government communicators

The plan provides a clear focus for the year ahead. It sets out the main communications campaigns the profession will deliver in 2015 to 2016 for the new government. Government communicators will need to demonstrate how their work contributes to 4 main government ‘one nation’ themes:

  • helping working people
  • spreading hope and opportunity
  • bringing our country together
  • securing Britain’s place in the world

Over the last year, the UK government’s communications have been recognised across the world, with over 80 national and international awards. The plan outlines how UK government communications will continue to work to high standards, building a more skilled, unified and productive profession.

GCS’s award winning evaluation work will also continue and GCS will help commission audience research for new government campaigns. A new cross-government insight network will enable government communicators to share knowledge and ideas for communicating with specific audiences.

Alex Aiken, Executive Director of Government Communications said:

Effective communication performs an essential role right across Government. Our plan is clear; the work we do every day is to deliver world-class campaigns to save and enrich people’s lives.

Minister for the Cabinet Office, Matt Hancock said:

The Government Communication Service is essential in communicating the mission of our One Nation Government. This plan shows that GCS’s world class work will continue to offer both maximum value for taxpayer’s money and a more skilled and effective service than ever before.

The plan also shows how government communicated on issues as diverse as Ebola and helping people save money on their energy bills. It evaluates long running successful campaigns, like the GREAT campaign, and telling people how they will benefit from government plans to establish a new national living wage.

Government Communications Plan 2015 to 2016
Published 22 July 2015