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Fundraising Self-Regulation Review: Charity Commission responds

Charity Commission responds to government response to the Review of charity fundraising self-regulation.

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No longer current. Read the response to the review


William Shawcross, Chairman of the Charity Commission:

Sir Stuart’s review was an important step towards rebuilding public trust in charity fundraising and I welcome the government’s endorsement of his recommendations.

Charities must now step up to reform and strengthen self-regulation, and to show that they can and will put the public interest first. The Charity Commission will play its part to support the development of the new fundraising regulatory body.

Read the commission’s response to the review.

The Review can be found here:

The commission has published its own strategic statement on fundraising explaining its role and that of other organisations.

The commission will be consulting on a new version of its own guidance on fundraising before the end of the year.

Published 3 October 2015