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Foreign Secretary statement on Syria

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson statement on the UN not being given access to eastern Aleppo.


On Monday 19 December the UN Security Council adopted Resolution 2328. The Resolution demanded full access for the UN across Syria and requested it to monitor the evacuations from eastern Aleppo and to ensure that protection is provided to those who opted to remain.

The UN updated Security Council members today (23 December) that it has still not been given access to eastern Aleppo.

Following the update, the Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said:

“It is unacceptable that the UN has still not been given access to eastern Aleppo to assist those who remain and carry out monitoring. The regime and those who back it must immediately deliver on their obligations and comply with Security Council Resolution 2328 to ensure that civilians are protected.

“The Syrian army now claims full control of Aleppo, but this is a hollow victory. Assad has been utterly dependent on foreign militias and Russian air support, and has caused destruction on a tragic scale including further atrocities against the Syrian people. Assad’s brutal regime can never unite Syria and bring stability.

“There is only one way to end this conflict: a Syrian-led political settlement based on a transition away from the Assad regime. The international community – including Russia and Iran – must now work to support a nationwide Cessation of Hostilities to help create the environment for a political settlement based on genuine transition.”

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Published 23 December 2016