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Foreign Secretary congratulates Nobel Peace Prize winners

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond congratulates the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet who were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize at a ceremony in Norway.


Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said:

I send my warmest congratulations to the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet in being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Tunisia has shown that a democratic transition is possible when all parties commit to dialogue and compromise. It has shown that political parties with differing perspectives can work together in a democratic government in the national interest. And its achievements of freedom, tolerance and mutual respect stand in stark contrast to Daesh’s evil narrative. This has made it a target of attacks, with tragic consequences for both our countries.

I repeat the pledge I made to Tunisia’s leaders on my visit to Tunis last month. The UK will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you and fight this threat together. Tunisia’s democracy will prevail. This will be the rightful legacy of the Quartet’s important work.

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Published 10 December 2015