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Foreign Secretary comments on reports of chemical weapons attack in Syria

The Foreign Secretary has commented on reports of a chemical weapons attack near Idlib in Syria.


On reports of a chemical weapons attack near Idlib in Syria, the Foreign Secretary said:

I am horrified by the reports of an attack near Idlib in Syria. The reports we are receiving strongly suggest the use of chemical weapons. And although we cannot yet be certain about what has happened, this bears all the hallmarks of an attack by the regime which has repeatedly used chemical weapons.

The UK condemns the use of chemical weapons wherever and by whomever they are used and we will continue to lead international efforts to hold perpetrators to account. We continue to support the work of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and will work closely with them as they seek to investigate this latest incident.

If this is shown to be the work of the regime, it is further evidence of the atrocities perpetrated against the Syrian people over six years of appalling conflict.

Commenting on the UK co-hosted Syria conference in Brussels tomorrow the Foreign Secretary said:

It is vital that the international community continues to support the Syrian people. I am determined that the conference which the UK is co-hosting in Brussels steps up international assistance to the most vulnerable people affected by the conflict. The UK is playing a leading role, with the Prime Minister’s announcement of a £1 billion package the latest element of our vital support.

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Published 4 April 2017