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Foreign Secretary answers questions on Afghanistan and Pakistan via Twitter

Following his recent visit to Afghanistan and Pakistan, Foreign Secretary William Hague answered questions on a range of issues related to the region.

This was published under the 2010 to 2015 Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government

Questions on Afghanistan and Pakistan were submitted to the Foreign Secretary using the hashtag #askFS.

Q. @Manofchew: @WilliamJHague Tony Blair, as PM, promised not to abandon women of #Afghanistan. How will you safeguard women in Taliban talks? #askFS
**A **.
@manofchew We’re working to promote the role of women, including in the political processs. Progress made so far must not be undone

Q. @logikblok: @WilliamJHague When will Shaker Amer be released? Arrested in Afghanistan 2001 Campaign by AmnestyOnline @GuantanamoAndy@ReprieveUK #askFS
A. @logikblok UK continues to request release & return of Shaker Aamer. I have raised this with US. Decision remains in hands of the US #askFS

Q. @pangallion: @foreignoffice When will you begin to pursue British interests instead of those of the #Bilderberg Group?#Afghanistan #Pakistan #AskFS
A. @pangallion National interest is at heart of our foreign policy & includes human rights & security for others. UK can’t prosper alone #askFS **

Q.@JoeMortimer: @WilliamJHague What role do you think tourism could play in bringing stability to Afghanistan and Pakistan? #askFS
**A. @JoeMortimer #Afghanistan is a beautiful country, but tourism needs stability. For now best to heed FCO travel advice #askFS

Q. @LordMadden: What can the British government do to help tackle corruption in the Afghan government? #AskFS
A. @LordMadden Corruption is a problem,we’re working with #Afghanistan to tackle it eg supporting law enforcement & public finances mgmt #askFS

Q. @WilliamJHague Can you immediately order our troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq? Osama is dead, so there is no reason for us to be there!
A. @loftyd We have no troops in #Iraq. Osama Bin Laden is dead but terrorist threat is not defeated #askFS #Afghanistan

Q. @cwol101: @WilliamJHague #askFS having been set up to fail in #Afganistan, #Libya. and #Iraq, will the UK have the sense to leave#Pakistan alone?
A. @cwol101 strong cultural & family ties bind UK & Pakistan. We’re engaging as two sovereign nations based on mutual respect & benefit #askFS

Q. @sgct: @WilliamJHague #askFS What is the difference between our exit strategy from Afghanistan and the USA’s exit strategy from South Vietnam?
A. @sgct we have a clear strategy for transition - building up Afghan forces and Afghan Government leading on political settlement #askFS
Q. @Retyree: #askFS @foreignoffice @WilliamJHagueHow can you spend £100ms of our scarce money on “supporting” a rag-tag bunch of leaderless insurgents?**
A. @Retyree Not how I would see it. We’re working with #Afghanistan’s elected government to improve our own security #askFS
Q. @Nuclearinfo @WilliamJHague: what is the UK government doing to dissuade #Pakistan from continuing to block a Fissile Materials Treaty? #askFS**
A. @Nuclearinfo We support Fissile Material Cut-off Treaty & press #Pakistan to end block on negotiations starting #askFS

Q. @Nowomennopeace: @WilliamJHague #askFS How will the UK make sure women are included in the#Afghanistan peace process? How many will be at #Bonn?
A. @Nowomennopeace women are already in the High Peace Council. We want to see further participation - a key to peace #askFS #Afghanistan
Q. @TBIJ: @WilliamJHague - Do the Bureau’s revelations of British military advisers’ exit show poor UK-Pakistan relations? #askFS #tbij**
A. @TBIJ No. UK and Pakistan have unbreakable partnership. We respect Pakistani request, based on security concerns #askFS

Q. @Peakerstu: #askFS Why is the UK still dealing with Pakistan. Pakistan is seemingly playing both sides
A. @peakerstu #Pakistan has made huge sacrifices in fighting terrorism. It’s right that we support those efforts #askFS

Q. @jessradio: @WilliamJHague What is your response to Pakistan’s eviction of British military advisors? #askFS
A. @jessradio respect Pakistani request based on security concerns. Team ready to re-deploy #askFS

Q. @paversinindia: @WilliamJHague #askFS do you meet real people on these trips or just presorted individuals who smile and have a nice picture taken
A. @paversinindia I met victims of terror in Pakistan - and victims of Qadhafi forces in Benghazi a few week ago - both very real to me #askFS

Q. @ibrahim_Dogus: @WilliamJHague what impact do you foresee of obama’s decision to withdtaw thousands of his troops! What will happen to british troops?
A. @ibrahim_Dogus US decision is consistent with strategy of transition. We’ve already announced reductions of 400 UK troops this year #askFS

Q. @joncutups: @WilliamJHague Please could you inform us about attempts to open dialogue with the Taliban? Peace must be pursued!!#Afghanistan #askFS
A. @joncutups Afghans are leading efforts for a political settlement. Contact is happening, but it is at an early stage #askFS
Q. @uinp: When are we getting out? #askFS**
A. @uinp UK forces will not be engaged in combat in #Afghanistan by 2015 or in the numbers they are now #askFS

Q. @RobWilmot: @WilliamJHaugue question: In one sentence what would you say to the brave servicemen and women serving in#Afghanistan? #askfs
A. @RobWilmot We are indebted to your bravery, skill & sacrifice in doing a difficult & dangerous task that is crucial to our security #askFS
Q. @Ryangawn: @WilliamJHague Can you let us know if there were any British citizens involved in yesterday attack on the Intercontinental hotel in Kabul?**
A. @ryangawn There were 2 British Nationals in the hotel as far as we know. They are now safe & I have spoken to one of them #askFS
Q. @pangallion: @foreignoffice When will you begin to pursue British interests instead of those of the #Bilderberg Group?#Afghanistan #Pakistan #AskFS**
A. @pangallion National interest is at heart of our foreign policy & includes human rights & security for others. UK can’t prosper alone #askFS

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Published 30 June 2011