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Crime news: update on 2015 Duty Provider Crime contracts

High Court rules that the consultation and tender processes are lawful.


The High Court has ruled that the 2015 Duty Provider Crime Contract consultation and tender processes are lawful.

The tender was originally opened on 27 November 2014 but was temporarily paused pending the High Court’s judgment.

Tender process

The LAA intends to continue with the tender as soon as possible and will issue further guidance to potential bidders in due course.

The Divisional Court refused the claimants request for an appeal. An injunction remains in place until 4pm, Friday 27 February to allow the claimants to seek leave to appeal from the Court of Appeal.

The following information remains available for organisations to view online:

  • Invitation to Tender for 2015 Duty Provider Crime Contract
  • 2015 Duty Provider Crime Contract documentation
  • Indicative (example only) duty rotas for new contracts
  • FAQ

Further information

Published 18 February 2015