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Crime news: rollout of digital working in magistrates’ courts

Launch of digital in-court presentation technology


Digital presentation technology is starting to be installed for providers to use in magistrates’ courts.

The installation of magistrates in-court presentation technology is initially taking place in 21 magistrates’ courts during September 2014 before full national roll-out. This is due to take place across England and Wales in the next 12 months.

The work is part of the government’s ambition to get criminal courts working digitally by July 2016. It is being delivered through the Criminal Justice System (CJS) efficiency programme.

How does it work?

Providers and others who need to present in court are given access to ‘ClickShare’ technology.

This allows the sharing of high quality digital material held on the presenters’ own devices through a wireless link to in-court TV screens.

It makes it easy to share and present evidence digitally for the benefit of defendants, victims, witnesses and the public.

When is it coming?

A first installation has already taken place at Thames magistrates’ court in east London. Further work is due to be completed at specific sites in the early adopter area (EAA) sites by mid-November.

The idea is to identify and resolve problems at the EAA sites before full the national roll-out.

The EAAs are West Midlands, Croydon, South Wales, Northumbria, Merseyside, Essex and Hampshire.

These are the 21 sites:

  1. Newcastle Moot Hall
  2. Gateshead
  3. Birmingham
  4. Basildon
  5. Chelmsford
  6. Colchester
  7. Southend
  8. Basingstoke
  9. Isle of Wight
  10. Portsmouth
  11. Fareham
  12. Aldershot
  13. Southampton
  14. South Shields
  15. Bridgend
  16. Cardiff
  17. Merthyr Tydfil
  18. Pontypridd
  19. Brecon
  20. Swansea
  21. Llanelli

Providers should make enquiries at their local court for more details.

Further information – for enquiries about magistrates in-court presentation digital technology

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Published 19 September 2014