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Crime news: eForms system enhancements before 4 July deadline

We are updating the CRM14 eForm before it becomes mandatory and the system will be unavailable overnight from 7pm on 13 June 2016.


The eForms system will be unavailable from 7pm on Monday 13 June for enhancements and fully restored by 9am on Tuesday 14 June.

We are making these enhancements before it becomes mandatory to use the CRM14 eForm for criminal legal aid applications on 4 July.

After 4 July we will no longer accept applications for criminal legal aid on paper forms.

The online CRM14 eForm is now being used successfully for more than 90% of applications.

CRM14 enhancements

  1. Applications for which proceedings are not subject to the usual means testing process will now be accepted e.g. Crown Court Order breaches – previously only accepted on paper forms.
  2. eForms system will now be able to take applications for legal aid in civil contempt cases – previously only accepted on paper forms.
  3. Providers will able to see ‘official use page’ on each CRM14 eForm. This will allow providers to receive messages as before. It also gives the ability to open previously submitted eForms to review reasons behind assessment results.
  4. ‘Messages’ tab of completed CRM14 eForm will include, where applicable, reasons for Interests of Justice test assessment result.
  5. Date of birth field will change from mandatory to optional where applicant has a partner who is a victim, prosecution witness or co-defendant, and who has a conflict of interest in the case
  6. CRM14 eForm will allow joint financial, and land and property assets, where an applicant’s partner is a victim, prosecution witness, or co-defendant with a conflict of interest in the case.

A guidance document with further information on how these changes affect providers is available on the Crime eForms page – see below.

In addition, there will be further support available to help paper form users switch to online working. These include:

  • online training sessions available throughout June
  • training videos explaining key steps to successfully submitting online applications
  • quick user guides
  • ‘Frequently asked questions’ – refreshed and updated to reflect that announcement that CRM14 eForm is mandatory from 4 July 2016.

Further information

Legal aid: crime eForm – guidance and information including training video links Eventbrite online training – to book a training session

Published 9 June 2016