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Crime news: Duty provider contract – new guidance

Further information on the duty provider tender published.


We’ve published further information on delivery partnerships and financial assessment to help applicant organisations in understanding these areas of the tender process.

This is available on GOV.UK by visiting the Legal Aid Crime Tender 2015 page – see below.

We’ve also published information to help providers understand our approach to allocation of duty slots under the Duty Provider Crime Contract 2015. The illustrative rotas we have published demonstrate how the slots will be allocated.

These are not tender documents – detailed information will be available in the Information for Applicants which will be published when the tender opens.

During September we will provide further information on the Duty Provider tender process.

Online webchats

We also intend to hold online webchats which will give applicants a chance to ask further questions and find out more about the duty provider tender process.

We will announce a date for the webchat in the week beginning 15 September 2014. So keep an eye on our crime news pages on GOV.UK

You can find a quick link to the crime news pages on the top right of the LAA’s home page on GOV.UK – see link below.

Applicant organisations with initial questions regarding the information published on 1 September 2014 had the opportunity to send in questions by 8 September.

Any questions received by 5pm on 8 September 2014 will be answered in a Frequently Asked Questions document to be published on the Legal Aid Crime Tender 2015 page on Monday 15 September.

Further information – to submit questions

Legal aid crime tender 2015 – to see new guidance and FAQ on 15 September

GOV.UK: Legal Aid Agency – see top right for crime news link

Published 2 September 2014