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Crime news: change to how you receive correspondence

All criminal legal aid correspondence to be sent by email starting on 23 June 2017.


Providers are to receive all criminal legal aid correspondence by email from Friday 23 June.

This follows the change introduced on 30 August 2016 to allow legal aid providers to receive representation orders or refusal notices by email.

What correspondence is affected?

Where appropriate you will be emailed the following documents as attachments in addition to representation orders or refusal notices:

  • contribution notice
  • contribution order
  • income evidence requests
  • capital evidence requests
  • failed means assessment information

Copies of all correspondence will also continue to be sent via post to the client, unless indicated otherwise as with the current process.

Where will the email go?

Correspondence will be sent automatically to the email address associated with your eForms user account.

Additional copies can also be sent to any appropriate administration email address in the ‘firm administrator’ field of the CRM form.

Further information

Representation orders to be emailed – August 2016 news story with details of original change

Published 21 June 2017