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Crime news: change to CRM14 eForms declaration

New declaration on recording client information makes it simpler for you to use eForm.


We’ve changed the legal representative’s declaration on recording client information following provider feedback to help more of you use the CRM14 eForm – this takes effect immediately.

Providers who complete the eForm when they’re not with their clients, now don’t need to show them what they’ve inputted before submitting.

The new declaration will be available on the eForms portal by 1 December 2014. The amended client declaration form is available for download on GOV.UK – see links below.

How does this help providers?

The change helps providers who do not have mobile devices such as laptops, tablets or smart phones, so they can’t complete the online form.

Now you can complete the paper version of the CRM14 form with the client and transfer the information online at a later time.

We hope this change – which removes a key obstacle – will encourage even more providers to use the eForm. Current use is 50%.

What does this mean when seeing clients?

If you use the CRM14 eForm on mobile devices with the client present, you simply need to advise your client to review the accuracy of the information before signing the declaration.

If you are using the paper version – before transferring the information online – you just need to show the client the paper version and advise them to review the contents.

Provider responsibilities

You must continue to ensure that your clients have understood and accurately transferred the client’s instructions onto our forms, whether they are online or not.

You must also retain the applicant’s declaration form on file for future reference. If the CRM14 paper form has been used to collect the client information, this needs to be retained on file.

What is the wording of the eForm declaration?

‘I confirm that I have gone through the questions on the interests of Justice and financial assessment aspects of the application with the applicant.’

‘I confirm that the applicant has not provided me with any information which contradicts the information provided in this declaration of financial circumstances and has given me no indication that information declared is incomplete or untrue.’

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Published 17 November 2014