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Counter-terror policing awarded funds for Parsons Green response

Counter-terrorism police will receive an additional £4 million this year to cover the costs arising from the Parsons Green attack.


This move comes in addition to the £24 million of new money for this financial year already announced for the forces across the country that responded to the other attacks in London and Manchester in 2017.

The Minister for Policing, Nick Hurd announced the funding as the 2018/19 police funding settlement was debated in Parliament.

He said:

The tragedy of 5 terrorist attacks in 2017 has sadly reinforced the threat we face from terrorism so it is right that we are increasing funding for counter-terrorism policing both this year and next.

In September we announced £24 million of new money this year going to forces across the country to meet the costs relating to the tragic terror attacks.

I am also pleased to confirm that the Government has agreed to provide a further £4 million this year to meet the costs arising from the attack at Parsons Green.

Separately, in recognition of the unprecedented terrorist threat we currently face, the government announced in December a £50 million increase to counter terrorism policing budget for next year. This brings the budget to £757 million and will help ensure counter-terrorism policing has the resources it needs to respond and keep people safe.

The government has already committed to increase spending on counter-terrorism by 30% over five years from £11.7 billion to £15.1 billion and has also provided £144 million over the spending review period for a national uplift in armed policing capability and funding for an additional 1,900 officers at the security and intelligence agencies.

It is also reviewing its counter-terrorism strategy CONTEST to ensure that the government is responding to the threat from terrorism both now and in the future.

Published 7 February 2018