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Commonwealth Day Statement

Foreign Secretary looks forward to a strengthened partnership with the Commonwealth to deliver prosperity and economic growth.

Commonwealth Flag
Commonwealth Flag

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said:

Commonwealth Day will be celebrated across the globe, in the fifty-two diverse nations that make up this unique organisation. This year’s theme of ‘A Peace-Building Commonwealth’ demonstrates the relevance of the network in tackling the shared challenges we face. It is an organisation dedicated to developing free and democratic societies, and to promoting peace and prosperity: our doctors and nurses have worked together tackling Ebola; our soldiers are on peace keeping operations together; we have monitored successful transitions of power in fourteen countries in the past two years.

I passionately believe in a Commonwealth with a strong and vibrant future. The Commonwealth’s next generation continues to inspire: they have the potential to drive change, innovate, and create an environment that improves the lives of people from Fiji to Malawi, Belize to Bangladesh, and beyond.

Together we can prosper and deliver economic growth for all. We look forward to continuing to strengthen our partnership with the Commonwealth and to welcoming the Commonwealth family to the UK in 2018.

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Published 13 March 2017