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Commissioning for Value support packs for clinical commissioning groups

NHS England, PHE and Right Care are working in partnership to identify priority areas to improve the value of healthcare.

Commissioning for Value support packs

These new packs, published today (6 November 2014) by NHS England, provide in depth ‘pathways on a page’ for 13 patient conditions. The conditions were identified in the Commissioning for Value packs published in October 2013 that were within programmes that were most commonly identified as offering the greatest potential improvements for Clinical commissioning groups (CCGs).

To support work towards valuing mental health equally with physical health (Parity of Esteem), 2 mental health pathways for common mental health disorders and psychosis have also been included.

These packs support commissioners but will also be of interest to a wider audience. The insights can help everyone engaged in a local health economy shine a shared light on where to focus attention in terms of commissioning decisions, reform, improvement and prevention.

The first Commissioning for Value packs released in October 2013 had information on a range of improvement opportunities to help each CCG identify where its local health economy could focus its efforts.

The pathways, metrics and content of the packs have been developed and tested with a number of stakeholders including CCGs, NHS England’s National Clinical Directors, PHE’s health intelligence networks and strategic clinical networks.

Commissioning for Value identifies priority areas which offer the best opportunities to improve healthcare for populations; the value that patients receive from their healthcare and the value that populations receive from investment in their local health system. The Commissioning for Value packs are published 6 November 2014 and October 2013 and are available from the NHS England website.

Published 6 November 2014