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Combatting climate change: a vital safety net for families and businesses

Energy and Climate Change Secretary Amber Rudd sets out why action on climate change matters to households and the economy.


In her first major speech as Energy and Climate Change Secretary, Amber Rudd today set out the Government’s commitment to tackling climate change while keeping bills down in order to deliver lasting economic security for hardworking families and businesses.

She said that the Government’s approach will help to protect the economy because failing to act would risk leading to lower growth, fewer jobs and higher prices. She added that this approach will see action taken in a way that keeps consumer bills down and encourages businesses to innovate, grow and create employment, so it does not come at the expense of prosperity today.

Speaking to business leaders at insurance company Aviva headquarters in London, she said that the global agreement to be finalised in Paris in December must work for business so that the private sector can play its full part in shaping the solutions to climate change through innovation, technology, enterprise and competition.

How we use energy

Today we are publishing an updated version of the award-winning 2050 Calculator a user-friendly model that lets you work out different ways of reducing emissions, and see the impact using real scientific data.

Further information can be found on the 2050 pathways analysis page.

To learn more about how we use energy in the UK watch Dr Tom Counsell present on the British Energy Challenge and explain how we currently use energy in the UK, where it comes from and what the future looks like.

VIDEO: Dr Tom Counsell presents on the British Energy Challenge

Published 24 July 2015