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Civil/crime news: using GOV.UK and fee calculators

How to find LAA content on GOV.UK and graduated fee calculators.


Our web content has transferred from the Justice website to GOV.UK and guidance is available to help you find the information you need.

The tips in the Using GOV.UK document on this page focus on:

  • Using the search function
  • How to find documents and news stories
  • Searching through the LAA department page

In the meantime, there are redirects in place from the Justice web pages you have been used to looking at.

These should help to familiarise you with the new content. In addition, below are some key links you may also find helpful.

Graduated fee calculators

We are aware that some providers have experienced technical issues with our graduated fee calculators since the move to GOV.UK.

The calculators have all been updated and are now working correctly.

Further information

Using GOV.UK (PDF, 195KB, 2 pages)

LAA corporate page

Apply for legal aid

Payments to providers

Submit a claim

Graduated fee schemes


Moving to GOV.UK

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Published 28 August 2014