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Civil/crime news: use of CDS and CLS logos

Reminder that branding used by the Legal Services Commission was phased out in 2013 and old logos should not be used.

CDS and CLS logos

Providers should not use the following names to describe their organisation – either verbally or in writing:

  • Community Legal Advice Centre – ‘CLAC’
  • Community Legal Advice Network – ‘CLAN’
  • Criminal Defence Service – ‘CDS’
  • Community Legal Advice – ‘CLS’

Providers should also avoid using any name which could reasonably be confused with any of the above terms. This provision is contained in both the civil and criminal and criminal contracts.

You should note that permission ended on 30 June 2013 to use old names and logos associated with the now defunct Legal Services Commission (LSC).

Headed notepaper with old logos

If you still have stocks of headed notepaper featuring either the CDS or CLS logo you should talk to your contract manager.

A branding announcement was made online in November 2012, which included giving notice about ending the use of CDS and CLS logos – see below.

Further information

What happens to LSC logos in April 2013

Published 22 June 2016