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Civil news: guidance for legal help escape cases updated

Both the escape case and civil finance handbook have been revised to reflect current practice.


Useful links have now been built into our escape case and civil finance handbooks which cover areas as:

  • Standard Civil Contract
  • rates calculator
  • remuneration regulations

We have also added in standard templates for disbursements that can be used as an indicator for the information we require.

Guidance changes

The main guidance changes for both handbooks relate to process servers, sample collection fees and rejects.

Guidance on emergency scope, settlement conferences and interest on cost has been added to the civil finance handbook.

Within the escape case handbook the main changes relate to CW3 applications and the rates applicable in family and housing cases.

Full details of the changes are listed at the start of each handbook.

The handbook should be used with the contract specification and other guidance, such as the Costs Assessment Guidance.

Further information

Escape Cases Handbook – to download guidance handbook

CW3: extension of upper cost limit in controlled work cases

Funding and costs assessment – to download Civil Finance Handbook

Published 19 September 2016