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Civil news: family mediation contracts are online

Contract Work Administration system to be used for family mediation work.


Our new online administrative system to help you manage your family mediation contracts is now live and ready to use.

The change took effect at the end of March 2015 to give you improved access to the information you need for your contract work.

The new system covers the following:

1. Contracts and schedules

Creation, maintenance and access to contracts and schedules, including those contracts awarded in the recent tender round, in the Contract Work Administration (CWA) system.

This mirrors what is done for legal help and crime lower in CWA. Support and guidance for new users to get set up on the system is available on the website – see below.

2. Submission of claims

A process is now in place for providers to submit claims through CWA. Again this will draw on what is done for legal help and crime lower. Support and guidance is available on the website – see below.

3. Payments

The way the payment process will work in future is under review and we will will update you as soon as we can.

Further information


CWA updates to reporting changes – guidance on changes to reporting and system changes.

CWA codes guidance – controlled work codes for legal aid claims.

CWA detailed user guides – guidance on submitting a legal aid claim using CWA.

Help and support: or 020 3334 6664 – to raise technical issues with Online Support. or 0191 496 2052 – to discuss payment issues with the Reconciliation team.

Any other query should be raised with your contract manager.

Published 30 March 2015