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Civil news: electronic CW3 application forms available

CW3 forms are now available online for providers to use.


We have developed electronic versions of CW3 forms for providers to use when making applications for asylum and immigration work.

The excel forms are simpler and quicker to use and are less likely to be rejected.

When can I use the electronic form?

You can use online CW3 forms on all the occasions you would use a paper version for controlled work immigration and asylum applications.

Our dedicated email address for email applications is unchanged:

Advantages over paper forms

  1. Tips for submission and completion are built in to the new form helping you to avoid rejects

  2. Validation of totals reduce the necessity to add individual items

  3. Easier to see where the information we need should be inputted, including where a breakdown is required

  4. Links to the relevant guidance

  5. Form can be completed online and saved directly onto your system before you make an email submission

  6. Saves time by removing need to print and scan paper forms before you make an email submission

  7. Faster turnaround times for LAA application decisions because processes are simpler and more efficient

  8. Electronic signatures acceptable so there is no need to print completed forms

  9. User instructions available through a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ tab

Further information


Escape cases electronic handbook – to find out more about the CW3 process

Electronic CW3A(Imm) and CW3B(Imm) forms

CW3: extension of upper cost limit in controlled work cases – to download electronic CW3A(Imm) and CW3B(Imm) forms

Electronic CW3C(Imm) form

CW3C disbursement limit extension – to download electronic CW3C(Imm) graduated fee scheme form

Published 21 August 2018