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Civil news: changes to civil certificated case email process

We have recently changed the way we process emails in civil certificated cases to improve customer service.


The mailbox is now for enquiries about paper based civil certificated work only.

This new process will help us direct your enquiry to the correct team and avoid duplication.

Client and Cost Management System (CCMS)

All CCMS queries should be submitted in CCMS. Providers are able to submit both general enquiries and case specific enquiries using the general and case enquiry functions. Advocates are able to submit both general and case specific enquiries using the general enquiry function.

Quick guides outlining how to do this are available on the CCMS website and at the links below.

If you are unable to submit your query in CCMS you should use the ‘contacts’ page on the CCMS website for help.

CCMS queries sent to the ‘contactcivil’ mailbox will not be processed unless they are:

  • received from an applicant or MP
  • in relation to a complaint and this is clearly marked
  • marked as contingency – when agreed by the Legal Aid Agency

Paper applications

Enquiries about paper applications sent to the ‘contactcivil’ mailbox are forwarded to the relevant casework team for processing.

If you want to ensure your email goes to the right team without delay you should provide the following information in the email subject line:

  1. category of work, eg means, merits, finance, or counsel
  2. details of the type of work, eg means further information, APP8, CLAIM1, or CLAIM5
  3. client legal aid reference number or client name, date of birth, and address

How do I submit a general or specific CCMS case enquiry?

Quick guides are available to help you on the CCMS website. Provider Quick Guides:

  • ‘Submitting a case query’
  • ‘Submitting a non case specific request’

Advocate Quick Guide:

  • Introduction to CCMS

Links are provided below.

Further information

Provider Quick Guides – to download guidance

Advocate Quick Guides – to download guidance

Contacts – who to contact and what to do if CCMS is unavailable

Further guidance on email process for paper applications:

Apply for legal aid

Published 20 August 2015