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Civil news: availability of electronic CW3 application form

An electronic version of the CW3 form is available online for use by providers.


We have developed electronic Excel versions of CW3 forms for providers to use when making applications for asylum and immigration matters.

Using electronic forms makes the completion and submission process simpler and quicker. It also reduce the chances of the form being rejected.

Are there any changes to the process?

There are no changes to the way this category of work is processed.

Electronic versions of the forms can be used on all occasions a CW3 application is necessary for a controlled work matter in the immigration and asylum categories.

The electronic forms simply offer an alternative way to submit the application, which it is hoped providers will find more convenient. You can still submit your CW3 applications to our dedicated email addresses:

These online versions of the forms offer the following improvements over the paper-based version:

  1. tips for submission and completion including prompts for necessary details reducing the possibility that the application will be rejected
  2. validation of totals reducing the necessity to add individual items
  3. clear opportunities to provide the information we need including where a breakdown is required
  4. links to the relevant guidance can be completed online and the form saved directly onto your system – application can then be submitted directly via email
  5. removes necessity to print and scan the paper-based form in order to submit the application via email, so saving time
  6. allows caseworkers to process applications in a quicker time, which means more applications can be processed using this form and the turnaround time to receive a decision can be improved
  7. electronic signatures are acceptable, so no requirement to print off the completed form

Use of the form

Given the above advantages to both providers and the LAA our preference would be for providers to use the electronic forms, instead of scanning and emailing the current Word based CW3 forms to us.

If you require any assistance, then use the email addresses above to explain the issue and request help.

CW3 guidance

Further guidance in respect of the CW3 process can be found in the escape cases electronic handbook – see below.

Further information

Escape cases electronic handbook

Electronic forms:

CW3: extension of upper cost limit in controlled work cases – to download electronic versions of CW3A(Imm) and CW3B(Imm)

CW3C: disbursement limit extension – to download electronic version of CW3C(Imm)

Published 17 August 2016