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Catch limits increased after meetings with fishermen

The Marine Management Organisation has increased catch limits for a range of fish species after talks with fishermen.

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A news story from the Marine Management Organisation (MMO)

Catch limits for a range of species in Area VIId, North Sea and Area VIIe have gone up after fishermen highlighted in-demand species to the Marine Management Organisation (MMO).

MMO quota managers met with fishermen along the south coast in a number of meetings. Discussions included quota management for the 10-metres-and-under and non-sector fleets, storm damage payments and Common Fisheries Policy reform.

Fishermen from Rye, Eastbourne, Brighton, the Isle of Wight, West Bay and the South Coast Fishermen’s Council (who represent an area from the Solent to Devon) all provided positive feedback on the meetings.

Quarterly limits from 1 April to the end of June that will apply to the 10-metres-and-under and non-sector fleets are:

  • Area VIId sole to be set at 7 tonnes
  • North Sea sole to be set at 5 tonnes
  • Area VIIde plaice to be set at 3.5 tonnes
  • western mackerel to be set at a limit of 5 tonnes
  • western ling to be set at 6 tonnes.

Other increased monthly (unless stated) catch limits that applied from 16 March 2014 are:

  • Area VIId cod increased to 500kg (non-sector vessels only)
  • Area VIId skates and rays to 600kg
  • horse mackerel increased to 500kg
  • North Sea cod increased to 2 tonnes
  • western ling increased to 3.5 tonnes
  • Area VII pollock increased to 35 tonnes a quarter for January to March (10-metres-and-under vessels only)

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Published 20 March 2014